B.Ed Admission 2017-18
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B.Ed. Admission Programme and Form

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10.  Admission Form
B.Ed. Admission Form
Code :
Please Paste a passport size (35mmx45mm) Photograph here, Do NOT staple.  Photo should not exceed the borders
For College
use only
 Course Admitted to :  Division :
 Roll No.:
  Form No :
 Admission date :          /         /
Kindly read important notes before filling-in form :
1.   Use black ink to fill in the form and Do NOT overwrite.
2.   Fill in all fields in CAPITAL letters only.
3.   Strike-off whichever is NOT applicable.E.G.If you are a Male :-
Gender : Male / Female
Course applied for (e.g.BA/MA) :    
Course Part or Semester applied for (e.g. 1/2/3/4):    Student should sign strictly inside this box only with black ink  
Applying for Concession EBC/SC/ST/NT/OBC/SBC/PTC/STC/Freedom Fighter/Ex Service Man :
Admitted against which Category : Open/Reserved If Reserved,Specify :
1. Personal Information Section
  Last Name First Name Middle Name
Name of the Student :
(In case of Changed name, write current name)
Name of the Student : (In local\l language)      
Name of the Student as printed on std.10 Passing Certificate  
Father's/Husband's Name :      
Mother's Name :      
Previous name of the Student :
(In case of Changed name)
Reason for name change :Willingly/After Marriage Marital Status :Unmarried/Married/Divorced/Widowed/Disserted
Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY):          /         / Gender :Male / Female
Place of Birth : Blood Group (with Rh) :
Religion : Citizen of (country name) :
Student's location Category:Rural/ Urban/Tribal
Address for Correspondence
State : District : Tehsil : City/Town/Village :
Address (House no, Street/area/suburb etc.)  
  PIN Code :            

Permanent Address (Write only if different than 'Address for Correspondence')
State : District : Tehsil : City/Town/Village :
Address (House no, Street/area/suburb etc.)  
PIN Code :            
Contact Details :
Phone # 1: STD Code :                  Phone No :
Phone # 2: STD Code :                  Phone No :
Mobile Number
  Email ID :  
Student Aadhaar No…………………………  
2. Legal Reservation Information Section
Domicile of State : Category :Open / Reserved If Reserved :SC/ST/DT(A)/NT(B)/NT(C)/NT(D)/OBC/SBC
Caste : Sub-Caste : If Physically Challenged :Visually Impaired / Speech and/or Hearing Impaired/Orthopedic Disorder or Mentally Retarded
3. Social Reservation Information Section (Tick(  √) whichever is applicable, write name of supporting document attached, in section 6.)
  Ex-Serviceman/Ward of Ex-Serviceman   Member of Project Affected Family
  Active-Serviceman/Ward of Active-Serviceman   Member of Earthquake affected Family
  Freedom Fighter/Ward of Freedom Fighter   Member of Flood/Famine Affected Family
  Ward of Primary Teacher   Resident of Tribal Areas
  Ward of Secondary Teacher   Kashmir Migrant
  Deserted/Divorced/ Widowed Women   Name in Election Voter List,
 if yes give No……………………….…..
4. Guardian Information Section
Occupation of the Guardian:
Service / Business / Profession / Farmer / Laborer / Retired
Annual Income of the Guardian (Rs.) :
(last financial year)
Relationship of guardian with applicant : Phone No. :
5. Educational Details Section(Write 'YES' in last column, against the qualifying examination, on basis of which you are seeking admission to the said course write NO in front of other examinations) Please Note : 10th Details are mandatory in any case.
Last College Attended : Year : Roll No.:
Name of Examination Name of Board/University Name of School/College Date of Passing (DD/MM/YYYY) Examination Seat No. (Last) Degree/ Passing Certificate No. Grade/ Total Marks Obtained Out of Qualifying Examination?
Std 10th                
Std 12th                
6. Selected/Opted Papers Section (Write paper codes or Paper Name only, in the boxes)
Year/Semester : 1/3/5/7 Semester : 2/4/6/8 (If decided in First Semester only)
1.          1.         
2.          2.         
3.          3.         
4.          4.         
5.          5.         
6.          6.         
7.          7.         
8.          8.         
7.Attached Documents and Certificates Section
Sr. No. Name of Document/Certificate Original/Attested True Copy Attached (Yes/No)
1 Passing Certificate of Std 10th Attested True Copy (Mandatory)  
2 Passing Certificate of Std 12th/ Statement of Marks of 12th Attested True Copy  
3 Leaving Certificate Original  
4 Certificate of Caste with Category Attested True Copy  
5 Non Creamy Layer Certificate Attested True Copy  
6 Affidavit for changed name/Marriage Certificate/Govt.Gazette Original  
7 Domicile Certificate Attested True Copy  
8 Certificate for Physically Challenged Attested True Copy  
8. Other Information Section
Mother Tongue : Employment Status : Employed/Unemployed Do you wish to join NCC/NSS : Yes/No
Would you like to apply for Hostel : Yes/No.
Hobbies, Proficiency and Other Interests :
Games and Sports participation :
Level (e.g. College/State/National/International etc.)
Personal Identification Marks : 1. 2.
9. Declaration by Student
I hereby declare that, I have read the rules related to admission and the information filled in by me in this form is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.  I will be responsible for any discrepancy, arising out of the form signed by me and I undertake that, in absence of any document the final admission will not be granted and/or admission will stand cancel.
I am aware of the Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1999 and I state that I will abide by all the rules and
regulations of the said Act.
Place :
Date :                                                                                                                                   Signature of the Student :
10. Declaration by Guardian
I have permitted my son/daughter/ward to join your college.  The information supplied by him/her is correct to the best of my knowledge.  I have acquainted myself with the rules and fees dues to my son/daughter/ward and to see that he/she observe.
Place :
Date :                                                                                                                                  Signature of the Guardian :
11. For College/Institute use only
Designation Remarks/Particulars/Recommendations Signature and Date
Admission Clerk    
Admission Committee    
Accountant/Cashier Cash Receive : Rs. Receipt No :  
Office Superintendent
Note : Student MUST retain photocopy of completely filled in admission form (both pages) for further reference.  Available information in this form will be required to activate his/her account on Digital University Portal.

List of Documents to be attached with admission form
Sr.No.             Name of the Document
1) Application form in prescribed format Applicable& Mandatory Yes
2) M.Phil. Markmemo Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
3) M.Phil. Notification Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
4) P.G.Degree Mark memo (All year/semester) Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
5) P.G.Degree Certificate Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
6) P.G.Diploma Mark memo Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
7) P.G.Diploma Certificate Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
8) U.G.Degree Mark memo
(All year/semester)
Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
9) U.G.Degree Certificate Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
10) XII Mark memo Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
11) XII Certificate Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
12) X Mark memo Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
13) X Certificate Applicable & Mandatory Yes
14) Original T.C. Applicable & Mandatory Yes
15) Domicile certificate in case of Non Maharashtra student Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
16) Affidavit for GAP if any Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
17) Cast Certificate (in case of Reservation candidate) Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
18) Cast Validity certificate (in case of validity requirement) Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
19) Income Certificate (in case of Non cremelayer) Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
20) Passport in case of foreign students Applicable & Mandatory Yes
21) Medical Certificate and Police Verification (in case of foreign students) Applicable & Mandatory Yes
22) Recommendation / No objection certificate (in case of foreign students) Applicable & Mandatory Yes
23) Payment through Online procedure  for provisional admission (receipt) Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
24) Payment at University admission center for provisional admission (receipt) Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
25)   Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
26)   Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
27)   Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
28)   Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
29)   Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
30)   Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
31)   Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
32)   Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No
33)   Applicable/Not Applicable Yes/No