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Courses of The University

 Certificate Courses


1) Certificate Course in Vedic Studies
2) Certificate Course in Dance (Bharatnatyam)
3) Certificate Course in Gita
4) Certificate Course in Kathak
5) Certificate Course in Organic Farming


 Junior Diploma Courses


06) Junior Diploma in Dance (Bharatnatyam)
07) Junior Diploma in Folk Dance
08) Junior Diploma in Vedic Studies
09) Junior Diploma in Gita
10) Junior Diploma in Keertanshastra
11) Junior Diploma in Bhajan
12) Junior Diploma in Kathak


 Senior Diploma Courses


13) Senior Diploma in Keertanshastra
14) Senior Diploma in Vedic Studies
15) Senior Diploma in Dance (Bharatnatyam)
16) Senior Diploma in Gita
17) Senior Diploma in Kathak


 Higher Diplomas


18) Higher Diploma in Dance (Bharatnatyam)
19) Higher Dipl


 Diploma Courses


20) Pre Degree Diploma in Dance
21) Sanskrit Agam (One year Diploma in Sanskrit)
22) Sanskrit Sadhana (One year Diploma in Sanskrit)
23) Sanskrit Parichaya (One year Diploma in Sanskrit)
24) Diploma in Prakrit
25) Diploma in Purana
26) Diploma in Jainology
27) Diploma in Ayurved (for foreign students)
28) Diploma in Ecology
29) Diploma in Yogashastra
30) Diploma in Pali
31) Diploma in German Language
32) Diploma in Vastushastra
33) Diploma in Vedanga Jyotish
34) Diploma in Ramayan and Mahabharat
35) Diploma in Indian Culture and Values
36) Diploma in Music
37) Diploma in Upanishadas
38) Diploma in Yoga, Naturopathy and Dietetics (DYND)
39) Diploma in Functional Sanskrit
40) Diploma in Indology


 Post-Graduate Diploma


41) P.G. Diploma in Computer Application
42) Vedanta and Sanskrutam
43) P.G. Diploma in Buddhist Studies
44) P.G. Diploma in Teaching Sanskrit through English
45) P.G. Diploma in Yogic Sciences
46) P.G. Diploma in Appreciation of Indian Art
47) P.G. Diploma in Environmental Management


 Bachelor Degree


48) B.A. Sanskrit (Visharad)
49) B.A. Additional Sanskrit
50) B.A. Pali (Visharad)
51) B.A. Vedanga Jyotish
52) B.A. Vedic Studies
53) B.A. Yogashastra
54) B.A. Civil Services
55) B.A. Professional (Vyavasaik)
56) B.A. Keertanshastra
57) B.A. Travel and Tourism 
58) Bachelor of Yoga, Naturopathy and Dietetics (BYND)
59) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) (Bharatnatyam)
60) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
61) Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)


 Master Degree


62) M.A. Sanskrit
63) M.A. Keertanshastra
64) M.A. Yogashastra
65) M.A. Vedanga Jyotish
66) Master of Fine Arts (MFA) (Bharatnatyam)
67) M. Phil Sanskrit




The University was started at the end of 1997. In the first academic year 1998-99 one course was started to attract students willing to learn in Sanskrit from the beginning. It was a beginning course and provided skills in Spoken Sanskrit and Written Sanskrit in short period and with little efforts. This (Agam) was the lone course started by the University in that academic year. In the next year i.e. 1999-2000 the number of courses rose to ten and after two years i.e. in the academic year 2001-02 the number of University courses has risen to a staggering number of 40.

The courses floated by Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University are completely original in nature prepared on the basis of social requirements with Sanskrit as a main ingredient. The courses have following specialties.

  1. The courses are available from the basic stage of Sanskrit study till the end of Sanskrit Scholarship.

  2. The University has special emphasis on making Sanskrit Lokavani

  3. Three fold action viz. 1. Protection of Shastras 2. Creation of New Sanskrit Literature and 3. Propagation of Sanskrit language is the main activity of the university.

  4. The University has open door system. The various unnecessary technicalities have been removed in the functioning of this university. At all levels the condition of knowledge of Sanskrit as pre-requisite for admission has been removed.
    This open door system will help many curious students from different streams/ faculties to turn to the Sanskrit studies who earlier could not study Sanskrit because of faculty barriers.
    All the courses of the University are consultancy-oriented. Some of them are even job-oriented. These courses prove that Sanskrit has strong bread-winning potential in this Jet Era of New World.

  5. Though Sanskrit University is a one subject University, it is not catering just for Sanskrit courses. It is a Sanskrit biased University, which means that every course has Sanskrit as compulsory subject, which is taught in combination with the most modern subjects like Travel Tourism, Market Management, Human Resource Management etc. To facilitate double gain for the students, the university has converted I.A.S. M.P.S.C. curriculum into Degree Course having Sanskrit as an important subject.

  6. The University provides ATKT, Grace Mark, Condonation Marks to students which helps in encouraging them to prosecute their Sanskrit studies.