Result Summer 2017
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1.B.A. Additional (Sanskrit)

2. Diploma in Manuscriptology and Paleography

3. Diploma in Theater and Performing Art

4. Diploma in Ancient Indian Environment Studies

5. Diploma in Sanskrit Sadhana

6. B.A. Vedang Jyotish Third Year (Annual Pattern)

7. B.A. Sanskrit (Visharad) Second Year (Annual Pattern)

8. B.A. Sanskrit (Visharad) Third Year (Annual Pattern)

9. B.A. Yogashastra Second Year (Annual Pattern)

10. B.A. Yogashastra Third Year (Annual Pattern)

11. Diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism

12. P.G. Diploma in Yogic Science

13. Diploma in Vastushastra

14. Diploma in Sanskrit Parichaya

15. P.G. Diploma in Vedang Jyotish

16. B.A Vedang Jyotish First Semester

17. B.A. Vedang Jyotish Second Semester

18. B.A. Vedang Jyotish Third Semester

19. B.A. Vedang Jyotish Fourth Semester

20. B.A. Vedang Jyotish Fifth Semester

21. B.A. Vedang Jyotish Sixth Semester

22. B.A. Sanskrit (Visharad) First Semester

23. B.A. Sanskrit (Visharad) Second Semester

24. B.A. Sanskrit (Visharad) Third Semester

25. B.A. Sanskrit (Visharad) Fourth Semester

26. B.A. Sanskrit (Visharad) Fifth Semester

27. B.A. Sanskrit (Visharad) Sixth Semester

28. M.A. Vedang Jyotish First Semester

29. M.A. Vedang Jyotish Second Semester

30. M.A. Vedang Jyotish Third Semester

31. M.A. Vedang Jyotish Fourth Semester

32. Certificate in Geeta

33. Diploma in Vastushastra

34. M.A. Sanskrit First Semester (External Students)

35. M.A. Sanskrit Second Semester (External Students)

36. M.A. Sanskrit Third Semester (External Students)

37. M.A. Sanskrit Fourth Semester (External Students)

38. M.A. Sanskrit (Veda) Fourth Semester

39. M.A. Sanskrit (Darshan) Second Semester

40. M.A. Sanskrit (Darshan) Fourth Semester

41. M.A. Sanskrit (Sahitya) First Semester

42. M.A. Sanskrit (Sahitya) Second Semester

43. M.A. Sanskrit (Sahitya) Third Semester

44. M.A. Sanskrit (Sahitya) Fourth Semester

45. M.A. Sanskrit (Vyakarana) First Semester

46. M.A. Sanskrit (Vyakarana) Second Semester

47. M.A. Sanskrit (Vyakarana) Third Semester

48. M.A. Sanskrit (Vyakarana) Fourth Semester

49. P.G. Diploma in Computer Commercial Application

50. Diploma in Yogashastra

51. Certificate in Vedvidya

52. Jr. Diploma in Vedvidya

53. Sr. Diploma in Vedvidya

54. B.A. Vedic Studies First Year

55. B.A. Vedic Studies Second Year

56. B.A Yogashastra First Semester

57. B.A. Yogashastra Second Semester

58. B.A. Yogashastra Third Semester

59. B.A. Yogashastra Fourth Semester

60. B.A. Yogashastra Fifth Semester

61. B.A. Yogashastra Sixth Semester

62. M.A. Yogashastra First Semester

63. M.A. Yogashastra Second Semester

64. M.A. Yogashastra Third Semester

65. M.A. Yogashastra Fourth Semester

66. Diploma in Library Science

67. B.A. Keertanshastra First Year (Ex-Students)

68. B.A. Keertanshastra First Year (Regular)

69. B.A. Keertanshastra Second Year
70. B.A. Keertanshastra Third Year

71. M.A. Keertanshastra First Year

72. M.A. Keertanshastra Second Year

73. M.Ed. First Semester

74. M.Ed. Second Semester

75. M.Ed. Third Semester

76. M.Ed. Fourth Semester

77. Agam Diploma in Prakrit

78. B.A. Keertanshastra First Year (Online)

79. Pre Degree Diploma in Dance First Year
80. Pre Degree Diploma in Dance Second Year

81. B.A. Dance Second Year (Annual Pattern)

82. B.A. Dance Third Year (Annual Pattern)

83. B.A. Dance Second Semester

84. M.A. Dance First Semester

85. M.A. Dance Second Semester

86. M.A. Dance Final Semester

87. B.Ed. First Semester

88. B.Ed. Second Semester

89. B.Ed. Third Semester
90. B.Ed. Fourth Semester

91. B.Ed. (Annual Pattern)

92. Hr. Diploma in Pourohitya First Year

93. Hr. Diploma in Pourohitya Second Year

94. Bachelor of Fine Art Third Year (Annual Pattern)

95. Bachelor of Fine Art Fourth Year (Annual Pattern)

96. Bachelor of Fine Art First Semester

97. Bachelor of Fine Art Second Semester

98. Bachelor of Fine Art Third Semester

99. Bachelor of Fine Art Fourth Semester

100. Bachelor of Fine Art Fifth Semester

101. Bachelor of Fine Art Sixth Semester

102. Bachelor of Fine Art Second Semester (Online)

103. Master of Fine Art First Semester

104. Master of Fine Art Second Semester

105. Master of Fine Art Fourth Semester

106. Diploma in Vedic Math

107. B.A. Civil Services First Semester

108. B.A. Civil Services Second Semester

109. B.A. Civil Services Third Semester

110. B.A. Civil Services Fourth Semester

111. B.A. Civil Services Fifth Semester

112. B.A. Civil Services Sixth Semester

113. B.A. Civil Services First Year (Annual Pattern)

114. B.A. Civil Services Second Year (Annual Pattern)

115. B.A. Civil Services Third Year (Annual Pattern)

116. D.Y.N.D. First Year

117. D.Y.N.D. Second Year   

118. B.A. Travel & Tourism First, Second, Third Semester  

119. B.Sc. Hospitality Studies First Semester

120. B.Sc. Hospitality Studies Second Semester

121. B.Sc. Hospitality Studies Third Semester

122. B.Sc. Hospitality Studies Fifth Semester

123. B.Sc. Hospitality Studies Sixth Semester

124. B.Sc Hospitality Studies Second Year (Annual Pattern)

125. B.Sc. Hospitality Studies Third Year (Annual Pattern)

126. B.A. Civil Services (Revaluation) Result Summer 2017

127 P.E.T. July 2017

128. M.E.T. July 2017